Missing information in Prelex/EUPOL

Unfortunately, some of the process information in Prelex for procedures starting in 2013 and 2014 seems to have been lost in the transition from Prelex to EUR-Lex (see my earlier post). Since EUPOL is based on Prelex, this information is also missing in the last update of the dataset (v05). Prelex has since been taken offline without rectifying these omissions.

Here's the communicaton I had about this issue with the EUR-Lex helpdesk:

13 October 2014 (Email to EUR-Lex helpdesk):

"I am relying on Prelex for some of my research on legislative politics in the EU. When gathering information from the database, I noticed that information on many proposals introduced in the years 2013 and 2014 is missing. Process information on 171 out of 936 proposals is missing for 2013 and 310 out of 583 proposals in 2014 (as of 17th September). After checking some of those files on the new EurLex page, I found that the information on legislative procedures was complete there (see e.g. COM(2013)937, COM(2013)853, COM(2013)902; I can send a list of all files if required). Therefore, I am wondering whether PreLex is not being updated anymore and if it still is, how much of a time delay one can expect?"

6 November 204 (Reply by EUR-Lex helpdesk):

"We have been trying to analyse and fix the problem about which you so kindly informed us. Unfortunately, both processes involve several technical issues that need time to be overcome. The new EUR-Lex is, since its opening (April-2014), the site of reference for the information related to the legislative procedures. All the content of Prelex has been made available in EUR-Lex, that also features several possibilities of research throughout the thousands of existing procedures (please see the advanced search form – domain: legislative procedures; with the important remark that this form, together with the other advanced search forms, is currently undergoing an in-depth analysis and revamp). PreLex is still updated, but since EUR-Lex is, and will be, the site of reference, the PreLex website is foreseen to be shut down in some months. We are trying to solve the shortcomings spotted, which are not linked to delays, but to technical difficulties, but we cannot guarantee a quick and complete solution, concerning Prelex. What we can guarantee (and if this is not the case, please inform us about the mistakes or omissions you may find) is the proper information on and display of procedures in EUR-Lex webpage, that is the site to visit for searches like yours."