Update of chance-corrected measures of foreign policy similarity

An updated version of the FPSIM dataset of similarity measures of foreign policy positions is now available for download download from my Dataverse.

The dataset provides measures of foreign policy similarity of dyads based on alliance ties (Correlates of War, version 4.1) and UN General Assembly voting (Voeten, version 17) for all members of the international system (Correlates of War system membership list, version 5.0). The alliance data cover the time period from 1816 to 2012, and the UN voting data from 1946 to 2015. The similarity measures include various versions of Ritter and Signorino's S (weighted/non-weighted by material capabilities; squared/absolute distance metrics) as well as the chance-corrected measures Cohen's Kappa and Scott's Pi. The measures based on alliance data come in two versions: one is based on valued alliance ties and the other is based on binary alliance ties. For a discussion of the advantages of chance-corrected measures over Ritter and Signorino's S for measuring the similarity of foreign policy positions, see my 2011 article in Political Analysis.