Comment on effects of Council voting rule changes in European Voice

European Voice asked me to comment on the possible effects of the voting rule changes in the Council of Ministers of the EU that come into force on 1st November. If you have a subscription, the article can be directly accessed online. If not, here's the PDF page of the print version.

LSE blog contribution on effect of change in Council voting rule

I have written a contribution for the European Politics and Policy blog of the LSE, which discusses possible effects of the change in Council voting rules resulting from the Lisbon Treaty amendments. The entire blog entry can be read here:

Article summary for the LSE's EUROPP blog

I have written a summary of my article on 'Coalition-Building and Consensus in the Council of the European Union' for the LSE's European Politics and Policy blog. The articles came out in print this week in the British Journal of Political Science. A copy of the article is available here.

Irish EU Presidency article in Government Gazette

Government Gazette, a "quarterly magazine which provides quality analytical and politically neutral coverage of the leading institutions and policy makers in the European Union, its cities and regions", has asked me to contribute an article to its section about the "Irish EU Presidency". The article has been published in the magazine's October edition and is available online here. 

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